Tropica Verde: „Helping instead of Complaining“

TROPICA VERDE e.V.  was founded in the year 1989 by a group of biologists in Frankfurt as a non-profit association in order to support actions against the destruction of tropical rainforest.

Publicity and Education in Germany

In the initial years, TROPICA VERDE concentrated its activities on publicity in Germany. The public should be made increasingly more aware of the destruction of tropical habitats. A project group, specifically created for this purpose, successfully pursued its goal to bring the tropical forest into classrooms, auditoriums, and seminars by means of exciting slide shows.

Supporting Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection Activitie

Since 1989, TROPICA VERDE has successfully supported numerous conservation projects through to their completion. However, species and nature conservation require money. The Association obtains the resources to carry out its work in projects through donations, grants, and contributions by its members. All members of the Board of Directors and the Association work in a volunteer capacity in order that the proceeds can be applied mostly to the nature conservation activities. The remainder serves to finance the work of the information office.

An important aspect of the activities of TROPICA VERDE is cooperation with the local population and their organizations. This is a strategy which TROPICA VERDE has pursued from the very start and which also laid the foundation for successful completion of the nature and species conservation projects supported by the Association.

Income from donations allowed the Association to begin supporting specific nature conservation projects. Personal contacts and good working conditions in the region led to a commitment in the Central American land bridge, in Costa Rica. At the time of the founding of the association, this was one of the countries with the highest deforestation rates worldwide. The consequences of this ruthless exploitation were becoming increasingly evident. The relative political stability and stable legal system in Costa Rica provides the framework for feasible conservation measures in a sustainable manner. The open-mindedness and commitment of a lot of people towards nature in their own country allowed for, in the meantime, numerous cooperations with local environmental groups.

Impressed by the pragmatism of the association, the Frankfurt Palmengarten provided a space in which the information bureau of TROPICA VERDE is currently located. The association journal, “DER TUKAN”, supports public relations with background material and regularly informs members and sponsors on the activities of TROPICA VERDE. Within a short time, the association has become a familiar name beyond the Rhine-Main-Region itself, not least due to a number of mentions in newspapers and on the radio.


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