Association for the Protection of
Tropical Habitats,
Biological Diversity and
Endangered Species

Protecting the tropical rainforests means keeping alive diversity, improving living conditions and promoting sustainability.

Finca Curré – Protection of primary forest on the Caribbean coast

The southern canton of Talamanca on the Caribbean coast is home to an extraordinary amount of animal and plant species.

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Monte Alto – Reforestation of former pastures

The Pacific coast of Central America was originally covered by, species-rich tropical dry forest.

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Lapa Verde – Protection of the Great Green Macaw

The Great Green Macaw (Ara Ambiguus) is with a size up to 85 cm one of the biggest parrot species.
In Costa Rica, it is called “ lapa verde” due to its green color.

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Reserva Kinkajou – Buffer zone in the Braulio Carrillo National Park

In 2017, Tropica Verde was made aware of the deforestation of primary forest near the town of Horquetas north of San José.

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Environmental education in Germany

Regional, nationwide and international actions are organized and coordinatedthe by the information office in the eco-house in Frankfurt am Main.

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Environamental education in Costa Rica

The success of environmental and conservation projects in Costa Rica depends crucially on the commitment of the growing generation.

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