Our work would not be possible without close partnerships with organizations in Germany, Switzerland and Costa Rica. Read more about our partners and the important work they do.

In Costa Rica


ACBTC – Asociación Corredor Biológico Talamanca-Caribe

In the biological corridor in Talamanca-Caribe, Tropica Verde finances school projects through the local organization ACBTC. Important topics are dealt with here, such as the effects of climate change and the importance of protecting species-rich forests in the region. This work reaches both pupils and their parents from the region around the Reserva Finca Curré. The lecturers are supported by Tropica Verde, among others, for their environmental education work.

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ECODESI – Educación y compromiso con el desarollo social integral

In the small village of Villareal near Tamarindo, Tropica Verde supports the “Colores de Identidad” project run by the local partner organization ECODESI. The main target groups for this project are senior citizens from the municipality of Villareal and schoolchildren from the region. The seniors are supported in learning and implementing important environmental measures (recycling, planting, etc.). At the same time, the older participants pass on their experience of traditional vegetable and fruit cultivation to the younger generation. In addition to numerous workshops and training courses, the activities in this project include setting up a tree nursery with local plants, reforestation, recycling, composting, campaigns for clean rivers, a seed bank with local seeds and much more.

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Fundación Pro Reserva Forestal Monte Alto

In 1994, local farmers joined forces to improve local forest protection and create the jointly managed Monte Alto conservation zone to combat deforestation in the upper reaches of the Nosara River, a source of drinking water and well-being for residents of the small town of Hojancha in the central highlands of the Nicoya Peninsula. This 924-hectare area was created through the acquisition of land for natural regeneration or reforestation. A joint management agreement with the Costa Rican Ministry of the Environment ensures local participation in administrative decisions for the area.


Ina Ramos – Goracao chocolate

“Goracao – Organic Chocolate Farming” is a small family business very close to the Reserva Finca Curré on the Costa Rican Caribbean coast. The owner Ina Ramos and her husband Guilio have made it their goal to combine organic cocoa cultivation with the protection of the rainforest in their Reserva. The “Tree to Bar” concept stands for the care, harvesting and processing of cocoa fruits through to chocolate on site – completely pesticide-free and in harmony with nature.

Ina Ramos - Goracao chocolate

Yatama Rainforest Ecolodge

Yatama Lodge is only 500m away from our Reserva Kinkajou and is a 100% eco-lodge. The electricity, for example, is generated entirely from solar energy. The owner, Pedro Méndez Tam, has supported the work of Tropica Verde on a voluntary basis for many years and is an important partner of Reserva Kinkajou.


CCT – Centro Centífico Tropical

In Costa Rica, the CCT organization specializes in the development and conservation of biological corridors, among other things. Together with CCT, Tropica Verde has been working for over 20 years to conserve the greater soldier macaw by connecting forests. We have a long-standing, successful working relationship with the project manager there, Alexander Gonzales.

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Aguilar Castillo Love – our legal partner in Costa Rica

As an environmental protection organization in Costa Rica, Tropica Verde needs a legal partner with a heart for the cause and ecological awareness. We have enjoyed a trusting relationship with senior partner John Aguilar Quesada for over 30 years. John advises us on all contractual formalities relating to nature conservation in Costa Rica.

In Germany and Switzerland



The Network for Biodiversity e.V.

BioFrankfurt was founded in 2004 as a network. In addition to Tropica Verde, 13 other institutions currently belong to the BioFrankfurt – Das Netzwerk für Biodiversität e.V. association. Together, we have set ourselves the goal of raising media and public awareness of the outstanding importance of biodiversity and its conservation. The aim is to pool the knowledge and experience of the individual institutions and achieve more efficient success through cooperation and the exchange of information. The special commitment to biodiversity in the Frankfurt region in the areas of research, protection and education should be positioned more strongly in the public eye.

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Network “Learning sustainability in Frankfurt”

The “Learning sustainability in Frankfurt” network was set up to link educational stakeholders with civil society and companies. Umweltlernen in Frankfurt e.V. coordinates this on behalf of the city. In addition to Tropica Verde, other participants include the city education authority, the environmental agency, the BioFrankfurt network, various banks, companies and the Frankfurt Child Protection Association.

Netzwerk Frankfurt

Development Policy Network Hessen e.V. (epn Hessen)

The Entwicklungspolitische Netzwerk Hessen e.V. (epn Hessen) is a joint action and communication platform of Hessian non-governmental organizations and networks, groups and initiatives committed to development policy as well as private sponsoring members. Globally, the member organizations support the goal of a world based on justice and reciprocity. epn Hessen and its member organizations stand for a world that strives for fair development and puts careful and sustainable management before profit maximization.

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Hanau Environmental Center

The Environmental Center in Hanau supports school and non-school partners on their path to sustainability.

This requires an understanding of the natural, economic and social sciences. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the ability to act through educational processes in order to be able to make better decisions in one’s own living environment. In cooperation with the Hanau Environmental Center, Tropica Verde has developed the educational module on the topic of the “water cycle”. This is offered for elementary school and daycare centers.

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Stefan Rother is the photographer behind Faunity Photography.

As a biologist and long-standing Tropica Verde member, he knows the Costa Rican rainforest inside out. It also offers live reports on the subject of “Biodiversity and the protection of rainforests”. The interrelationships are explained in an understandable way and children in particular are taught about the fascination of nature. Stefan’s pictures and reports are often produced in cooperation with Tropica Verde.

Faunity Stefan Rother


GREEN BOOTS is a young Swiss rainforest organization that supports local rainforest protection projects, brings the Swiss population closer to the rainforest ecosystem and its importance and is politically committed to more rainforest protection in Switzerland as well as in rainforest countries. The philosophy of GREEN BOOTS and Tropica Verde is very similar in that they protect the forests with close links to the local population and environmental education. Tropica Verde and GREEN BOOTS regularly organize joint environmental education events in Switzerland.

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Don Roberto coffee

Don Roberto produces climate-friendly coffee from Costa Rica. Together with Don Roberto, we have launched a conservation edition of this delicious coffee. For every packet of Tropica Verde coffee sold, €2 is donated to projects to protect the Great Soldier Macaw.

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We, TROPICA VERDE e.V. (Club seat: Germany), would like to process personal information with external services. This is not necessary for the use of the website, but allows us to interact even more closely with them. If desired, please make a choice: