Environmental education in Germany

Tropica Verde is also actively engaged with environmental education in Germany since 1989. Costa Rica seems like a very far away country and many are not aware that the tropical forests are being extensively cut down for agriculture, livestock or expanding infrastructure. And so, one does not ask how one can contribute to their conservation.

Bookable educational offers on rainforest topics

The aim of Tropica Verde eV’s educational offerings is to familiarize students with the importance and benefits of biodiversity, to inform them about the causes and consequences of the progressive destruction of the rainforest and to give them examples of their own responsible behavior , For this purpose, different educational modules have been designed in cooperation with Tropica Verde.

Educational Materials – Free to download


Funded by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) with funding from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU).

Individual education offers

Are you interested in an individually tailored tour or a talk on rainforest topics? Are you considering setting up an action or information stand on the subject of rainforest at your next school or company event? Then get in touch with us. We like to come by or help you with educational material.

You can reach us at mail@tropica-verde.de.

Action and information stands

In addition to the development and implementation of educational programs, Tropica Verde participates with guided tours, lectures, action and information stands at events of long-term partners and changing cooperation partners. These events are supported with great commitment by members and volunteers.

In spring, Tropica Verde is traditionally represented with a booth on the Green Stock Exchange in the Palmengarten. In May, Tropica Verde regularly participates in guided tours or lectures at the BioFrankfurt e.V. action week „Experiencing Biodiversity“.


Stefan Rother explaining the rainforest

  • Biologist and nature photographer Stefan Rother is a co-founder of Tropica Verde. He gives colorful multimedia talks on the rainforest, Tropica Verde’s projects and Costa Rica’s biodiversity. He visits kindergartens, schools, universities, companies, retirement homes and public places throughout Germany and Switzerland and can also be booked for events. (www.faunity.ch)
  • The environmental center Hanau offers a “water cycle in Germany and Costa Rica” educational model for primary schools in the Rhein- Main region.
  • The educational model “Macaws and pineapples” was developed in cooperation with the ecological school of the Palmengarten.
    The main topics are on “ fair trade” and “organic farming methods” for high schools.
  • In addition to these educational models, we also offer individually tailored tours and lectures on rainforests for e. g. schools or
  • Tropica Verde also actively takes part in tours, lectures, and information stands at partners’ events.

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