Supporting Environmental Education Measures in
Costa Rica

The goal is to link every nature conservation project with environmental education. The activities are aimed primarily at students, parents and teachers. However, older generations are also integrated, and we try to pass on their experiences to the next generation with local partners.

Monte Alto – biodiversity is returning

The local Pro Reserva Forestal Monte Alto foundation’s environmental education program is largely financed by Tropica Verde. Together with various partner organizations, it was also possible to build an environmental education center that serves as a starting point for visits from school classes and tourists. Visitors can discover various educational trails, like the orchid and tree nature trail and get to know the amazing biodiversity of a succesfully reforested secondary forest. For many years, environmental education courses have been held in several surrounding schools, the aim of which is to sensitize primary school children to their country’s biodiversity and to sharpen their understanding of the importance of various species for a functioning ecosystem and an intact water cycle. In addition, trips to Monte Alto are carried out regularly, like on the annual “Day of the Tree” when children get to know different species of animals and learn about their natural habitat while planting trees. As of 2020 and in collaboration with students of the Hojancha Profesional Technical College, the increasing biodiversity will be observed and documented with data gathered by camera traps.

Students observe with pride the trees they planted / © Victor Esquivel Stefan, Alexis and Miguel in front of a camera trap

ACBTC – rainforest conser vation through school projects

In Talamanca’s biological corridor, Tropica Verde finances school projects through the local organization ACBTC (Asociación Corredor Biológico Talamanca Caribe). Important topics, like the effects of climate change and the importance of protecting the region’s species-rich forests are discussed. Through this work, both students and their parents are reached. The teachers are supported by Tropica Verde amongst others in their environmental education work. At the annual environmental festival “Por La Vida”, hosted in the indigenous population’s main town of Bribri, the students present with pride and commitment their project through games, dances and theater.

Kinkajou Reserve – tours for nature lovers

Starting from the neighboring Yatama eco-lodge, tourists are led through the untouched nature of the Braulio Carrillo National Park and the bordering project site. Pedro, the tour guide, talks about the threats to the environment lurking directly behind the borders of the national park. He goes on to explain the reforestation methods that will ensure the maintenance and establishment of biological corridors that are essential for the survival of numerous animal species as an extension of their habitat. A goal in the near future is to build a small environmental center, which school groups can visit and can also serve as a starting point for scientific studies.

Exkursion durch die Reserva Kinkajou

Study tours for nature lovers

ECODESI – environmental education for young and old

In the small town of Villareal near Tamarindo, Tropica Verde helps finance “Colores de Identidad” – a project from our partner organization, ECODESI. Senior citizens and students in the Villareal community are this project’s main target group. Seniors are supported in learning and implementing important environmental activities like recycling, planting, etc.. At the same time, the older participants share their knowledge about traditional crops and fruit cultivation with the younger generations. Besides numerous workshops and courses, this project’s activities have also included building a tree nursery with native plants, a seed bank of endemic trees, reforestations, recycling, composting, and actions to keep the rivers clean.

Victor in der Baumschule Kinkajou

Victor at the tree nursery Kinkajou


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