Environmental Education and Public Relations

Since its founding in 1989, TROPICA VERDE has been working hard towards increasing public awareness of the importance and the endangerment of tropical habitats. National and international campaigns are organized and coordinated by its information office at the Palmengarten in the city of Frankfurt am Main.

We inform on the importance of the rainforests for mankind and nature as well as on the reasons for and the worldwide consequences of their destruction. Our educational activities occur through lectures, presentations at schools, and teacher’s training courses, as well as through publications and exhibitions. Using concrete examples, we demonstrate how each person can make a difference by taking a specific course of action.

In Costa Rica, we support environmental education activities of our project partners. In this way, we can win over the local population for activities contributing to the preservation of valuable primary forest ecosystems and the protection of species.

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Inform yourself now about our projects and support our activities through donations or by adopting a cause for the conservation of primary forests or endangered species.

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