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TROPICA VERDE is an associated member of BioFrankfurt. Twenty leading research, education, conservation and development organizations are working together to promote biodiversity conservation and to raise public awareness of their importance.
Biodiversity is the richness of our earth, the diversity of all genes, species and ecosystems. It is the basis of our lives as the basis for securing world food supplies, for new medicines, technical advances, intact recreational and recreational areas and much more. As with climate change, its conservation is a challenge of global and regional importance, to which we all can make an active contribution.
Since 2014, Tropica Verde has been a member of the EPN (Environmental Paper Network). More than 140 organizations are committed to green paper production and the careful use of paper in this international network. The basis of the network work is the „Global Paper Vision„, a shared vision of a world in which paper production and consumption are socially and environmentally friendly. The „Cupifesto“ is another important paper that has emerged from the network. More information can be found in this video.

Since February 2015, Tropica Verde has been involved in the development policy network Hessen e.V. (EPN Hessen). The network is a joint action and communication platform of Hessian non-governmental organizations that support the common goal of a world based on justice and reciprocity. EPN Hessen and its member organizations stand for a world in which a just development is aimed at and careful and sustainable economics before profit maximization is made. A solidary society in which people clearly identify grievances, criticize and commit to change.

Together with the EPN Hessen, Tropica Verde is working towards a sustainable development goal (SDG).

Since 2014, Tropica Verde has been a member of the network „Learning Sustainability in Frankfurt“. The aim of the network is to further develop educational offers in the sense of sustainability, to bundle activities and to give impulses for new projects. The network thus makes an important contribution to the fulfillment of the World Action Program for the promotion of Education for Sustainable Development. Target groups are city dwellers of all ages. Invited to participate are both actors from traditional educational institutions such as schools as well as informal learning actors such as clubs, initiatives and companies. In recent years, Tropica Verde et al. at the „Blauer Tafel“ on the Römerberg or at the „Nachhaltigkeitsparcour“ on the old airfield Bonames in Frankfurt.

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